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Portes ouvertes le dimanche 16 juin de 11h à 18h : visites de caves et du musée du pressoir + restauration sur place (tartines au feu de bois et clafoutis) + théâtre comique le dimanche à 15h « le cabaret bienêtre – entrée libre

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The Domaine du Clos du Roi in Coulanges-la-Vineuse

The domain

Located at 2 hours south of Paris, Coulanges la Vineuse is in the heart of the Grand Auxerrois vineyard. Together with the Chablis vineyard, the two sides of the hill make up the Burgundy vineyard of  l’Yonne.

The clos du roi estate is the fruit of my family’s work for 3 generations. My parents Michel and Denise Bernard hold an important place in the success of the wines of the domain, they have devoted their whole life to their vines and wines. From the early 70’s, they chose to produce quality wines benefiting from a systematic aging in oak barrels. I attach great importance to what made them successful : carefully worked vines and typical wines from the appelation.

I have been making wine since 2001 and Arnaud Hennoque, former chef, joined me in 2005 to take care of the 18 hectar vineyard. The domain offers tastings, cellar and old press museum visits. Over the years I have developed a full range of red, white and rosé Bourgogne Coulanges la Vineuse wines. In the respect of the environment and traditions i created wines based on Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Also César, where horse plowing meets manuel harvest, grape crushing underfoot, the winemaking in century old burgundy stone tanks and the aging process through oak barrels (228l) and very big oak barrels (4400l).

Since 2016, I have carried out a big project that was clos to my heart : Offer my customers the possibility to taste our wines, eat something, visit our cellars, our vineyards and village, discover, taste and bring back local quality products ! You can pass to our domain taste our wines, leave with your purchases as always but now you can also come one hour earlier and taste a glass of wine on our terrace, order a plate of multiple local meats with your tasting, drink a coffee before leaving…

Coming next : a 2 to 8 room cottage for you to pass a pleasent moment in Coulanges la Vineuse !

Our cellar is open 6 to 7 days a week for you to discover our work and our wines.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information : magali@closduroi.com or 0386422572.



The historic wines of the estate are made with the same recepts since the 80’s. However, i devoted myself to the making of new wines : « Coline » , « Chanvan » and « L’Intemporelle » as red wines, « Charly » and some « Chablis 1er cru » as white wines. They refer to the rich wine-growing past of the village, to the appellation and highlight a prestigious « know-how » and terroir.


Bourgogne Coulanges la Vineuse red :

Cuvée tradition :

100% Pinot noir, destemmed grapes and oak barrel aging for 12 months.

                                                                                                         It’s the historical and typical wine of our appelation : a nice ruby colour, soft tanins and subtle aromas of red fruit, a wine that goes well with red meat, poultry or fish and which can be paired with all cheeses…

Cuvée coline :
85% Pinot Noir and 15 % César, plowed by horse, manual harvest, unstemmed grapes, footcrushed grapes, vinification in underground century old burgundy stone tanks and maturing in oak barrels for 12 months.
                                                                                                          This wine enhances our history with César grapes. The César was established by romans from the 2nd century on our vineyard. 2 km from the estate is the achaeological site of Escolives Sainte Camille which is one of the producing villages of the AOC Bourgogne Coulanges la Vineuse. You can admire a sculpture representing a grape harvest scene from a César (or Roman) vine by a man with a basket. It’s the oldest picture of viticulture in Burgundy.
Cuvée Chanvan :
100% Pinot Noir, manual harvest, unstemmed grapes, vinification in underground burgundy stone tanks and aging in oak barrels for 24 months.
                                                                                                           Cuvée « Chanvan » is a fresh and fruity red wine but more robust and good aging.
I wanted a typical wine of Burgundy combining elegance, power and complexity. The Chanvan cuvée comes from a hill of the same name which was the clos royal of the village formerly called « Le Clos du Roi ». The wines produced with the grapes from this « royal » vineyard left Coulanges la Vineuse in wooden rafts from the Morvan, straight to the port of Paris bercy.
Cuvée Intemporelle :
100% Pinot noir
A selection of the best wines produced for each year of our Tradition cuvée, aging from 24 to 36 months in old oak barrels, blending of the different years and then common aging in casks of 2400 liters before bottling.

Intemporelle N°1 : 1/3 2012 + 1/3 2013 + 1/3 2014

Intemporelle N°2 : ¼ Intemporelle N°1 + ¼ 2013 +1/4 2014 + ¼ 2015

Intemporelle N°3 :  ¼ Intemporelle N°2 + ¼ 2014 +1/4 2015 + ¼ 2016

The « Intemporelle » wine is the result of a long and meticulous work of aging and then blending the best of the prodution of each year of the red « Tradition » wine. Here is a red wine that erases the typicity of the years, presents the pure terroir of our apellation and becomes the soul of the domaine over the years. In Intemporelle number 20, there will be 22 different years in the bottle !


Bourgogne Coulanges la vineuse white :

Cuvée Tradition :

100% Chardonnay, vinification in stainless steel tanks.

Bourgogne Coulanges la Vineuse white « Tradition » is typical of Yonne wines : dry, fresh and mineral ! It’s the pure expression of the essence of the Chardonnay…

Cuvée Charly :

100% Chardonnay, vinification in stainless steel tank (30%) and oak barrel (70%).

Having carried out part of my training in estates producing prestigious white burgundy wines vinified in barrels, I wanted to highlight the full potential of our Chardonnay vines and the « know-how » in our « Charly » wine : An aromatic, fruity, complex, oily and intense white wine which is ideal as an aperitif or with a fish or creamy poultry.

Bourgogne Coulanges la Vineuse rosé :

100% Pinot Noir, rosé « de saignée ».

Traditionally our rosé is made from Pinot Noir juice taken from the Burgundy Coulanges la Vineuse red vats before the start of fermentation. After a few hours or a few days the juice becomes colored and when I like the color I take 10% of the juice from the red vat to vinify it as a white wine. This rosé is dry, fresh and fruity with a beautiful pale robe.

Chablis 1er cru « Les Beauregards » :

Our Chablis 1er cru « Les Beauregards » is vinified in old oak barrels and offers all the richness and elegance of the great white wines from l’Yonne. It’s an exceptional wine, the excellence of Burgundy production. Enjoy it as an aperitif or as an acompaniment to the finest dishes…